A Little Introduction - Zoe

As a dog groomer I am responsible for cleaning and taking care of a dog hygienically. Regular grooming plays a part in ensuring that the dog's health is maintained and is an important part of dog care allowing bonding to occur. Some dogs can get nervous or skittish working with a groomer, while others remain calm and relaxed. Every dog is unique, so I am always prepared and have the skills to work with various kinds of temperaments and treat your pet as if they were my own.

I will help in decreasing the chances of a dog having health problems by checking for swelling, cuts, heat, changes in temperament, parasites on the skin, and other medical conditions. I provide services including nail clipping, bathing, grooming and even creative grooming services such as breed standard styling, using a variety of tools and techniques to groom dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Grooming dogs can be messy, so it is essential that I maintain a clean work area after each groom to ensure that the space is clean and ready for the next client. All clients are requested to sign an agreement contract prior to any of my services commencing, this gives reassurance that your pet is in safe hands.

My ultimate aim is that each dog will associate a positive and happy experience when coming to see me.


01926 257 087

Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00am to 6:00pm

37 Smith Street, Warwick, CV34 4JA