Additional Services

Nail Clipping
(this is already included with a "Full Groom")

Nail maintenance is particularly important for all mammals because if left to grow too long they can cause discomfort to your pet.
Although nail growth varies, they will generally need checking every 6 weeks.

I offer a nail clipping service to all small mammals, including cats, by request.

Ear Maintenance
(this is already included with a "Full Groom")

Whether you dog requires ear plucking or just an ear clean, a lot of wooly coated breeds need regular ear maintenance which is referred to as ‘earplucking’, the dead hair inside of the ears is removed, either by hand or ear forceps.
It doesn't hurt when done correctly, although if it is left for too long it can become matted and cause some discomfort whilst being removed.

Ear maintenance takes approximately 10 minutes.

Face Trim

Is your dog’s face looking untidy?
Groom not due for another week or two?
A face trim is the perfect solution between grooms.

Teeth Cleaning

Maintaining a good routine with teeth cleaning helps to reduce tartar and plaque build up, which are the main causes of bad breath.
I use a gel formula which is placed along the gum line, this then foams around the mouth and helps with plaque break down.
The teeth cleaning process only takes a few minutes, depending on the dogs temperament.

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